How to Choose the Best Bass Lure

How to Choose the Best Bass Lure

Finding the best bass lure can be tough, especially when there are so many options out there. Some anglers prefer to use hard baits, while others prefer soft plastics. But, no matter what you prefer, you will need to know what factors are important when choosing a bass lure. Whether you are looking for the best buzzbaits, topwater, or finesse-style baits, Pro Tips has the info you need to find the right option for you.

The best bass lure are made from durable materials, so that they won’t break or lose their shape. They also should be designed to work in a variety of waterbodies. For example, a jerkbait works well in stained and clear waters, and a crankbait with a wobbling action works well in stained waters.

When fishing in clear water, choose a lure with a natural look. A shad-shaped lure is a good choice. Also, bright colors are a good idea. Colors such as green pumpkin, blue pumpkin, and yellow are all effective.

In stained water, consider using spinnerbaits. Large, bladed spinnerbaits like the Booyah Super Shad work well. Another good choice is the Zoom U Tail worm.

Using a spro bronzeye frog pop bait is another great way to fish through cover. This bait has a weighted design that compresses when a fish bites. It comes in several colors and will swim through cover as it skims across vegetation.

There are many types of bass lures, but one that is sure to catch a lot of fish is a jerkbait. These are long, slender plugs that flash erratically and imitate wounded baitfish.

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