How to Pick the Best Polo Fitted Shirts

How to Pick the Best Polo Fitted Shirts

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The polo has become more and more a staple in casual style and a lot of guys have embraced it as a shirt that works well with jeans and t-shirts. This has resulted in a variety of polo fitted shirts that look great and feel comfortable when worn.

The most important thing when picking a polo fitted shirts is to make sure it fits you properly in all areas of the shirt. This includes the shoulders, neck opening and the sleeves.

Ideally, the shoulder seam should sit on top of the shoulder bone and the sleeves should come down about halfway to two-thirds of the way down your biceps. Anything shorter looks vintage, while anything longer is too trendy.

You can also choose from a variety of collar styles and button placements. Some collars are more tailored and others are more relaxed and looser. Ideally, you’ll want the buttons to end no further than the armpits and not be too stiff.

Sleeves should hit your mid-bicep and not be too tight around the arms, either. If the sleeves are too big, it can make your arms appear short and skinny.

The Sleek and Modern Look of Polo Fitted Shirts: A Complete Guide

Material is also important and should be made from a good quality knit. Typically, higher-end polo shirts will use a better-quality knit that is more stretchy and comfortable.

Generally speaking, cotton is the most common type of fabric used in polos because it’s comfortable, durable and stain-resistant. However, you should be careful to buy a polo that is made of longer staple cotton since this will last a lot longer and won’t pill or fade as fast.

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