The Mediterranean Climate of Italy

The Mediterranean Climate of Italy
Italy weather

Italy’s weather varies quite a bit throughout the year. In the summer, temperatures usually hover around 27 degrees Celsius or +38 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the summer is not always sunny days can lead to thunderstorms. The weather is also very changeable, especially in the spring and autumn. You can expect a hot day one week and a rainy one the next.

The northern part of Italy experiences a Mediterranean climate, while the southern part experiences a dry, warm summer and a chilly, rainy winter. The temperatures in winter are colder and snowfall is more common than in summer. In late Autumn and early spring, temperatures are mild, with temperatures ranging from 17 to 22 degrees C. In contrast, the cities of Rome and Milan experience a milder winter than the rest of the country.

Winters in Italy are cooler than in most other European countries, with temperatures dipping as low as 8degC. However, there is still plenty of sunshine during the winter months. The lowest average temperature is 3degC in the south, while the highest temperature is 11degC in the north. However, you should still bring winter clothes if you are planning to visit Italy during the winter. For skiing lovers, Italy’s mountain regions are the best places to visit during the winter.

The low temperatures in Italy vary from city to city. In Milan, the temperature drops to -3 degrees Celsius, while it reaches as low as -8 degC in the outskirts of the city. In Bari and Ancona, the low temperatures are more moderate.

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