How Email Risk Analysis Can Help Your Business

How Email Risk Analysis Can Help Your Business

Email risk assessment is a way of quantifying your business’s email risks. It can help you to prevent fraudulent sign ups and phishing scams. The process can also save time and reduce the amount of revenue lost due to fraud.

How can we prevent email and Internet fraud?

When performing email risk analysis, you should consider all of e-PHI, including billing details. In addition, it’s important to perform a social media lookup. This can help determine whether a user’s email address is associated with a social media account.

Advanced email fraud prevention tools can perform this task. These services can verify payment history, validate users, and analyze high-risk accounts. They’re designed to identify suspicious activities, such as fake signups, account takeovers, and stolen payment information.

One of the most powerful indicators for email fraud is the email address. An email’s risk can be mitigated by using a tool that performs real-time email address analysis. This will allow you to spot signs of fraud and phishing before it causes damage to your business.

IPQS is one of the most advanced email risk analysis solutions available. The tool works with all leading ecommerce platforms and protects websites and apps from high-risk orders and accounts. A threat network that includes hundreds of Fortune 500 companies allows the service to detect accounts with abusive histories.

While most other fraud prevention tools rely on standard transaction data, IPQS analyzes and scores email addresses and other user details. It does this by using proprietary data gathered from the dark web. Using these techniques, IPQS has a 40% better hit rate and avoids false-positives.

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