Single Glazed Partitions

Single Glazed Partitions

single glazed partitions

Single glazed partitions are a great way to create private spaces within open plan office environments without compromising on light and sightlines. They can also be easily repositioned and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your company and team.

Glass dividers are ideal for creating a more productive workspace by giving each employee their own workstation and space to focus and concentrate. They can be installed across the entire office or just in areas where privacy is required. Single glazed partition walls can be designed to incorporate manifestations and designs to increase privacy and reinforce your brand identity. Go here

When designing your glazed partitions it is important to consider the acoustic performance of the system. Acoustic ratings are measured in accordance with ISO 140 & ISO 717 and classified in terms of dB Rw, but on site performance can vary significantly due to flanking sound transmission, other elements within the building (suspended ceilings, raised access floors, penetrations for services etc) and wall thickness.

Creating Collaborative Spaces: The Impact of Single Glazed Partitions

To achieve a high acoustic rating you need to ensure that your glazed partition is constructed with the correct materials, and is fitted to the existing building structure correctly. The type of joining method used (wet or dry) and the glass selection also have a direct impact on overall acoustic performance.

Planet’s frameless PURE system combines outstanding style with enhanced performance. The narrow 54mm wide framework provides an elegant aesthetic and the glass is available in both double glazed and single glazed configurations. The acoustic performance of PURE is superb at 46dB Rw with the option to include part deflection heads to further improve acoustic performance.

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