Lake Bled Wedding Photography

From magnificent Bled castle wedding venues, to unique lake bled island church ceremony, hillside hotels with astonishing mountain vistas, this is a European wedding destination like no other. Whether you dream of having your Lake Bled wedding inside the medieval church on the islet or on the picturesque lakeshore, the gondola-style pletna boat ride, ringing the wishing bell, and the promise of eternal love, this is where you’ll find everything you need to fulfill your dreams.More info :

With its stunning backdrop of the Julian Alps and resplendent lake, Bled is the perfect place to get married in Slovenia. Whether you’re dreaming of a small Lake Bled elopement or an extravagant event with many guests, we’ll help you plan every detail and make your big day as flawless as possible.

Romance by the Lake: Unveiling the Beauty of Lake Bled Wedding Photos

Summer is the main season for weddings in Slovenia, and it’s no wonder why – Lake Bled is a fairytale landscape with its famous castle on the cliff, its lush green islands, and the magical church in the middle of the lake. However, if you visit this stunning destination in winter for your elopement or wedding, you’ll discover another side of it – a frozen lake, snow-covered trees, and ice-cold glacial water.

Anze and Hajdi gathered with their loved ones at the Grand Hotel Union, ready to begin their wedding day adventures. They were accompanied by the melodies of the traditional Trubachi music band and could not be more excited for their upcoming wedding. Before they headed out to the lakeshore, we framed a beautiful photo of them together in front of the hotel with its mighty mountain vistas.