What is a Tailored Fit Shirts Uk?

What is a Tailored Fit Shirts Uk?

tailored fit shirts uk

While the term “tailored fit” may conjure up images of a professional hunched over a sewing machine turning out clothing custom-made just for you, it is actually a generic style produced by many different brands to suit all bodies. This is what distinguishes it from slim fit, which offers a similar look to tailored fit shirts but in reality fits much like any other off the rack shirt and won’t suit anyone that isn’t very slim. This link tailored shirts online – tailoredathlete.co.uk

What is a Tailored Fit Shirts Uk?

The main difference between a regular fit shirt and a tailored fit shirt is the degree of fitting around the chest, arms and waist. A regular shirt will offer a generous allowance, which is great for larger guys or those who want more room to breathe than they would get with a slim or fitted shirt. A tailored fit will be slightly more tapered and will be designed to curve around the waist, creating a tighter silhouette but still giving a little more room in the chest and arms than a slim fit shirt.

Convenience and Style: The Benefits of Buying Tailored Shirts Online

Slim fit shirts are designed to be more body-hugging, allowing them to look flattering on the wearer. This means that they don’t offer as much allowance in the arms or chest and will often require some tailoring unless you have a very slim muscular build. A tailored fit will be a little less tapered in the arms and chest, meaning that they will be more comfortable for most but won’t offer as much of a benefit to those who are very slim.

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