Garden Edging Systems

Garden Edging Systems

Garden edging Systems are the perfect way to give your landscape a clean, finished look. Not only are they durable, but the majority of options are eco-conscious as well. For example, corten steel is made from a unique alloy that accelerates the formation of protective patina, which eliminates the need for additional coatings and treatments that can damage the environment. Additionally, metal edging does not rot or chip, meaning that it will last for years to come.

Lawn edging makes gardening maintenance easier by clearly defining lawn and garden boundaries. It prevents grass and weeds from spilling into flower beds and it helps keep mulch from migrating onto lawn areas. Additionally, it keeps mowing and weeding tools from damaging plants or creating unsightly lines. Find out

Garden Elegance on a Budget: Affordable and Attractive Edging System Options

There are a wide variety of styles available, ranging from minimalist to whimsical. Some are even suitable for use as a focal point in the landscape, like this corten steel ring that surrounds a lily pool in a Brooklyn garden designed by Foras Studio.

Most of the edging we offer can be installed easily by simply pounding into the ground with a rubber mallet. We recommend moistening the soil first to make it easier to work with. This option is a great budget choice that will effectively set off your flower beds while keeping weeds and turf grasses out and mulch in. However, it will not provide as strong a barrier against weeds as products that are more deeply sunk into the ground and might require readjustments from time to time.

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