Does Weight Loss Coffee Really Work?

Does Weight Loss Coffee Really Work?

If you’re on a weight loss journey, you’ve likely heard of “best black coffee for weight loss” — a beverage that’s said to help you shed pounds. It’s made with ingredients like green coffee bean extract, chromium, yerba mate, and more. But does it work?

According to advocates, this trendy drink is formulated with digestive enzymes that help break down fat and assist with weight loss. However, dietitians are largely skeptical. “While the ingredients in a weight loss coffee may offer some health benefits, they aren’t going to cause you to lose weight,” says Jim White, R.D.N., owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios. The best way to lose weight is through a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercise, White adds.

Bitter Beans, Sweet Results: Weight Loss Coffee and Your Fitness Journey

The good news is, if you stick to black coffee without milk and sugar (or low-fat dairy alternatives), it’s unlikely to boost your calorie count too much. Research suggests that the caffeine in coffee may reduce appetite and increase satiety by increasing the levels of peptide YY, which makes us feel full (6).

You can also up your metabolism and boost your fat-burning potential by adding a pinch of cinnamon to your morning cup of joe. Cinnamon is known to increase metabolic rate and promote a feeling of fullness, and it contains phenolic acids that help to regulate hormones (7). Alternatively, try blending in a spoonful of collagen powder to give your drink a protein boost, which has been shown to curb cravings14 and decrease appetite by altering hormones (8).

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